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Welcome to Brunswick fine Art, a company set up to showcase my recent work and commissions. I've always enjoyed painting and my interests were initially focused on nature and landscapes, indeed most of my early commission work involved such subjects. However recently I've been able to translate a life long passion for aviation into a series of oil paintings.

I always try to research my work as much as possible with the use of sketches, photos and sometimes personal accounts. A keen interest for photography helps give me inspiration for some of the work you will see on this website.

All paintings are done on either quality stretched canvas or canvas panel and can be framed at a clients request. I work only in oil paint as I feel this medium gives the most latitude with the range of colours and effects that can be created.

The Gallery page has examples of recent work, where indicated some of these have already sold but many are still available to purchase.

If you would like to discuss a commission then please go to the Commissions page for more information.

Updates on my current projects can be found in my On the Easel blog.

The Contact Us page contains full details including important additional information regarding purchasing and commissioning a work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Brunswick Fine Art and I hope you've enjoyed viewing my work.

About Us
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